About this site

The aim of 'KLAR!' is to provide a cohesive collection of vocabulary and grammar exercises for learning German.

New users to the site are advised to work through the topic areas in a chronological order.

If you are using the site for revision and you are quite familiar with the vocabulary and grammar points, you might just want to pick and choose at random.

SLIDESHOWS are Powerpoint presentations used to introduce vocabulary (include sound!) or grammar.

GAMES speak for themselves - anything from 'hangman' to 'millionaire's' game. This allows practice of vocabulary and grammar points.

EXERCISES reinforce vocabulary or grammar points. Also included are reading and listening tasks. In KS4 reading and listening exercises are differentiated (foundation and higher)


A big thank you goes to the following producers of inspiring software:

HotPotatoes at www.hotpot.uvic.ca/
Spellmaster at www.spellmaster.com
Content Generator.net at www.contentgenerator.net
Linguamate at www.linguascope.com
Quia at www.quia.com

About me

I have been teaching German at secondary schools for seventeen years.

During this time I have always found that students have responded well to working on the computer.

Even classes who were less inclined to recognise the beauty of learning German were glued to the computer screens and gave me lots of feedback.

Therefore, a special 'thank you' goes to all my students at Waldegrave School for being my best critics!

Any ideas for improvement of the site are most welcome. Any correspondence can be sent to the following email address:

101 Broom Park
Middlesex TW11 9RR

Email: klar@btinternet.com

Heidi Behrens