General Revision


1. A Tantôt
- beautiful games and excellent links to authentic sites
2. Languages Online
- a wealth of online resources - great for grammar revision KS3 and KS4
3. Gut
- lots of fun games - the site has now also KS4 exercises
4. McKinnon Secondary College
- a huge compilation of online activities grouped in topics
5. German on the web
- a very big site with lots of different activities for all abilities - excellent links!
6. Aiglon College
- well thought out games - good revision for GCSE on most topics
7. The Ashcombe School
- videos help with teaching in KS4
8. Linguascope
- good vocabulary training - subscription fee
9. Learn Premium
- very good for KS4 especially higher level - subscription fee
10. SamLearning
- revision site for GCSE - subscription fee
11. BBC Bitesize
- revision for all 4 skills - GCSE
12. The
- site that promotes an intercultural exchange between teenagers of Britian and Germany - lots of authentic material, quizzes, games and up-to-date information
13. Learn German A directory of quality resources for learning German on the
net. All sites included are in English and were reviewed and selected
with care. The focus is on free content, but the site also reviews
textbooks and language software.
Lots of cultural information, exercises and great links to authentic websites


Authentic German Sites


1. German TV
2. Blinde Kuh
- search engine for teenies
3. Magic Cities
- information on German cities
4. Deutsche Bahn
- book your train tickets online!
5. Hotels in Hamburg
- book your hotel online!

English/German dictionary Sites

1. Collins Dictionaries and Phrasebooks Free English, Cobuild and Foreign Language Dictionary look-ups available. Subscribe to or download a dictionary to your desktop or mobile device. Learn a language fast with iPhrasefinders and audio courses for iPods and mobiles.  Free trials available.
2. Oxford School German Dictionary A dictionary that has been specially written for students who are in their first years of learning German.